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Get a Quote Dental Insurance
Is a free service that allows you to compare dental health insurance from leading insurance carriers around the country. Receive free quotes from America’s best dental insurance and apply online today in a few short minutes. We feature a wide variety of plans, features and services that cover all dental needs from simple checkups to root canals and braces. Our elaborate database of dentists gives you the freedom to choose the dentist by either location or specialty.
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Save 10% to 60% on most dental procedures, most plans activate within 3 business days, no paperwork hassles, no health restrictions, and no annual limits. Discount dental plans are an alternative to dental insurance you may Choose from more than 30 discount dental plans, and from 100,000+ participating providers. Start saving immediately.
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Aavia Aavia
Affordable dental plans starting at only $8.00 a month with Guaranteed acceptance- No Wait! Sign up today-start receiving discounts immediately Save up to 50% or more on your dental expenses, our fee schedules are lower than most dental plans No limits on the number of visits to your dentist Price Doc
PriceDoc provides an online market place connecting healthcare providers with consumers looking for medical and dental procedures. Pricedoc enables consumers to compare and negotiate pricing on medical procedures in a given location in the U.S. while providers receive the benefit of generating patients who are willing to pay directly, out of pocket to the provider for their services. Ideal for individuals who don’t want to commit to a monthly dental/health plan.
Teleflora Health Plans of America
A company dedicated in Helping Americans in all 50 states find affordable health insurance. not a health insurance company but one of the largest and most trusted sources for competitive health insurance quotes. Whether you're a recent graduate, self employed, working without coverage, retiring, or just trying to save money, click on the picture now and get your free quote.
Nova white Nova White
Custom trays made professionally at a Dental lab, with life time customer support Worldwide. Exclusive 60% discount on life time maintenance gel, for consistent results, reduced sensitivity, and easy maintenance. Several methods of bleaching to choose from, and if you have the trays already, then purchase only the bleaching gel syringes of several strengths at huge discounts.
Cybersonic Toothbrush - 60% Off Cybersonic3 Oral Care System
Cybersonic® is the "Lifetime Toothbrush". Your new oral care system qualifies for a lifetime warranty so that this will be the last toothbrush you’ll ever buy! For the toothbrush to work properly, it is important that the brush heads are replaced regularly (dentists recommend every 3 months). Our brush replenishment plans are designed to ensure that you always have the most effective brushing experience, by conveniently delivering free* brush heads to your home every three months. All you pay is shipping and handling.
flower accross america Pro White Teeth
Looking for a safe and effective at home whitening system formula that allows you to control how white and bright your want your teeth? Then this is the system for you. Need a night guard , or sports mouth guard? This system will provide you with a custom fit for your comfort without the price of a visit to the dentist.